Ficción Producciones was founded in May 2003 as an independent company dedicated to the audiovisual production of fiction and animation content for the national and international market. It is made up of a creative team with extensive business training. With more than 18 years of experience, it has achieved constant growth and positioning in the sector.

Since its creation and like any other production company worth its salt, Ficción Producciones has been constantly searching for good stories, innovative formats and technological advances that define the business strategy for the years to come. Throughout this journey, Ficción Producciones has successfully completed many audiovisual projects, hundreds of hours of television, feature films and CGI productions, among other works. In recent years, in addition to fiction content, the company has dedicated a great economic and professional effort to the area of animation considering that Galicia can generate an important industry in this sector. As an example of this impulse and development, Ficción Producciones released in 2014 "Meñique", the first 3D animation feature Cuba-Spain, which was a resounding success in the Cuban country and was nominated for the 2015 Goya Awards. At present, Ficción Producciones is still immersed in the production of great projects and is constantly searching for talent, co-production and investment. A constant effort that leads Ficción Producciones to develop a considerable work that day by day gives its friction to its clients.

About us?

Julio Casal



Toni Veiga

Director de Producción


Borja Pardo



Luisa Martín

Directora Financiera


Leandro Quintas

Coordinador de Postproducción


Antón Bugallo




Mamen Quintas

Productora Executiva


Mamen Casal

Junior Executive


Chus Sánchez y Julia Sánchez



Manuela Morán y Carla Ventoso



Cristina Caldelas



Eladio Vega