Format: Animation TV Series

Genre: Pre-school

Runing time: 52×7′

Coproducers: Ficción Producciones, TVE, ICAIC e TVG

Directors: Juan Galiñanes & Julio Casal

Screenplayers: Alphonse de la Puente, Juan Galiñanes

Music: Manuel Riveiro

Broadcasted on Clan TV

Sinopsys: Adventurous, funny and, first and foremost, curious. This is Tutu, a little motorized kangaroo who loves to play and explore the world with his friends Rafa, a giraffe on skates, Nina, a restless and funny flea and Linda, a little sheep who loves her tablet.

With a little bit of imagination and the help from the elders, Fante, a gentleman elephant, and Tupa, a loving and cantankerous grandma, Tutu and their friends solve everyday a new problem.

What´s the eco? How Tupa´s delicious biscuits are made? Why do the leaves fall from the trees?

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