Te quiero mal


Format: Shortfilm

Genre: Drama

Lenght: 16´

Year: 2005

Producer: Ficción Producciones

Director and writer: Mireia Giró

Music: Manu Riveiro

Cast: Isabel Naveira and Monti Castiñeiras

Broadcasted on Televisión de Galicia and Televisión Española

Synopsis: She´s blind. She wakes up everyday, takes a shower and grooms. She prepares her breakfast without asking for help. Self-sufficient, independent, always perfect, always her. Her world and her interest interact harmoniously until love and passion com into her ordered life. Who told her to trust a stranger?

Awards: 25 awards, among them Best Shortfilm on the Premios Mestre Mateo 2006 and Best Shortfilm on the Cans Festival 2006.