Format: Film Feature

Genre: Social Thriller

Runing time: 87´

Year: 2014

Coproducers: Ficción Producciones & Televisión de Galicia

Director: Álex Sampayo

Screenplay: Álex Sampayo, Borja Manuel Caamaño Fajardo

Music: Manuel Riveiro

Cast: Candela Peña, Luis Zahera, Sandra Mokrzycka, Maurycy Lyczko


Synopsis: Luis and Elvira travel to Romania after contacting an Eastern European criminal organization. Near their destination, they receive a call that requires them to change the route. They must stop in Budapest and make a collection. Everything seems simple until they discover that what they have to pick up it’s an eight-year-old girl. From this moment they will have to make the hardest decision of their lives. Stick to the plan or release the girl.

Decide what they decide, someone will die.

Awards: Best International Film on the San Diego Film Festival (2014), Best Movie on Berlin Independent Film Festival, Special Mention on the Rábida section of the Iberioamerican Film Festival of Huelva.