O club da calceta

TITLE: Knitting Club

Format: TV Movie.

Genre: Drama.

Run Time: 93´

Year: 2008

Co-producers: Ficción Producciones, Televisión de Galicia, and Diagonal Tv

Director: Antón Dobao

Screenplay: Antón Dobao (based on the homonymous novel by María Reimóndez)

Music: Manuel Riveiro

Cast: María Vázquez, Katia Klein, Sonia Castelo, Susana Dans, Mela Casal

Broadcaster: Televisión de Galicia and Televisió de Catalunya

Synopsis: Five women of different status, age and social background, living their ordinary lives filled with conflict and frustrations.

They are all different, but they have something in common. His frustration, oppression suffered by each one of them in several ways , exploitation and loneliness.