Mar libre


Format: Miniseriess.

Genre: Action and adventure.

Runing time: 2×75´

Year: 2009

Coproducers: Ficción Producciones and Televisión de Galicia

Director: Dani de la Torre

Screenplay: Daniel Sáenz de Parayuelo, Alberto Guntín, Victoriano Sierra and Dani de la Torre.

Broadcast on Televisión de Galicia and Televisió de Catalunya.

Synopsis: 1789. On the coast of Galicia, a thriving sardine industry grows; catalonian Promoters, fifteen years after starting the activity, collect the profit of their business vision.

But one of them, Amadeo Curt, exploits fishermen who work for him, amassing more and more fortune and power, with slavery and extortion methods. Fishermen are tired and powerless facing the tyrant, they find themselves unable to find a solution.

The arrival of Anxo Estrada, Captain of the Royal Navy, fifteen years after leaving the village because of a catalonian promoter, will help his people and will start a riot in which fishermen will fight for their dignity, their lives, but especially for freedom.

Awards: Best Actress in a leading role, Best Costume Design and Best TV Movie on Premios Mestre Mateo 2010, Special Public Award on the Houston International Festival, Gold Medal on the International Film Festival Hugo Awards from Chicago, Best TV Serie on Eurofilmfestival of Marbella, Best TV Movie on the IndieLisboa International Independent Film Festival, selected on the 17th Shanghai TV Festival to the Magnolia Award, selected on the Banff World Media Festival from Toronto. During the Broadcasted of the two chapters, on 14 and 21 from december of 2010, it puts TVG almost thee point over his medium rate.