Hospital Real

TITLE: Royal Hospital

Format: TV Series

Genre: Historical Drama

Runing time: 1 Season 15×70′

Year: 2015

Producer: Ficción Producciones for TVG

Director: Jorge Cassinello

Screenplay: Carlos Portela and Lidia Fraga

Music: Manuel Riveiro

Broadcast on TVG

Cast: Mariña Sampedro, Pedro Freijeiro, Pedro Alonso, Susana Dans, Antonio “Durán” Morris, Tamara Canosa, Sonia Castelo, Xulio Abonjo, Xosé Barato, María Roja, María Vázquez, Francis Lorenzo

Synopsis: Before becoming the luxury hotel that it is nowadays, the Royal Hospital was one of the principal hospitals in Spain. «Royal Hospital» takes place at the end of the XVII century, on a historical context hit by the economical crisis and the arrival of the liberal ideas from the French Revolution.

Olalla, a peasant, rescues an injured man next to a path. He´s Daniel, the future surgeon of the Hospital and son of an important nobleman from the city. While Daniel is recovering on her house, they fall in love and Olalla decides to go with him to Santiago, dreaming about becoming a nurse at the Royal Hospital. From there, a series of murders, a forced commitment, the dirty business of Daniel´s father and the political and economical conflicts will separate Olalla and Daniel.

A history with the perfect mixture of love, mystery and melodrama, where the medicine and the history of the XVIII century play an important role.