Format: Entertainment Program.

Genre: Docu-reality.

Run Time: 2 Seasons. 13×50´ (each season)

Year: 2010 – 2011

Co-productors: Ficción Producciones & Televisión de Galicia

Direction: Toni Veiga

Screenplay: Marcos Nine

Rea: Fran X. Rodríguez

Composer: Manu Riveiro

Host: Mariana Carballal

Broadcast on TVG

Description: 8 persons from a coast village will change their habits promising to eat healthier and making exercise frequently. Thanks to the program, 13 competitors lost more than 130 kilos with a lot of efford. But no one is safe this time… during the show the own competitors will be able to despatch 2 persons, because of laxness, don´t fit into the group or do not make the effort required.

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