Fun polo Aire -Ing


Title: Fun polo Aire

Format: Magazine, Topicality

Running time: 60´

Time: Evening

Host: Susana López Carbia

Emission: Daily TVG




«Fun polo aire» distributes through Galicia a team of seven reporters who make the evenings more alive than ever by telling the spectators everything that happens in each town, in the countryside, in the city, in the sea…

From Monday to Friday, by the hand of the host Susana López, “Fun polo aire” is the program that bets on what is happening around Galicia, on the topics that everyone talks about and, for that reason, one of its great strengths are the live broadcasting of the reporters Ricardo Saavedra, Paula Señarís, Xaime Barreiro, Emilio Guillín, Noa García, Nuria Castro and Fátima Pego.

In brief, this TV program is a magazine of proximity where the real protagonists will be the Galician people, in order to show that Galicia is closer than ever.