Format: TV Series

Genre: Comedia.

Duración: 25′ por capítulo.

Año: 2011

Floor Manager: Álex Sampayo.

Director: Mariana Carballal

Composer: Manuel Riveiro

Cast: Teté Delgado, Mela Casal, Rosa Álvarez, Dorotea Bárcenas y Elina Luaces

Marina, Sofía, Amparo, Antonia and Milagros are a group of «old» women who gather in the afternoon at the Social Centre of their village to play cards, specifically the escoba. They play because they like to talk. It’s the perfect excuse to give a tour of all the topics that are not normally spoken about, and of which we also speak. The excuse to fix the world.

Taking advantage of the game and each one from their own personality, they sweep something every day that bothers them, grieves them or makes them sad. (In prison, the prisoners also play at erasing what they don’t like). They sweep away loneliness, lack of health, intolerance, fear of old age, lack of love, the absence of their children, impotence….

Around a table, in a humorous tone, they play, talk, laugh and sing every evening as if it were the last one, and they will play, talk, laugh and sing as if it were the last one.

They also play because they like it. The discussion of the game itself, the competition…