Format: Entertainment Program

Genre: Late night.

Run Time: 2 Seasons. 16×50´ (each season)

Year: 2017 – today.

Co-productors: Ficción Producciones and Televisión de Galicia.

Direction: Pepelu Viñas.

Screenplay: Estevo González, Pepo Suevos, Antón Cruces, Guille Zapata, Alicia Burton

Host: David Amor.

Collaborators: Isi, Iria Pinheiro, Alicia Burton and Pepo Suevos.

Broadcast on TVG.

Description: The actor and showman David Amor presents «In love and company», a tv show with interviews, monologues, music acts and contents whic will make laugh.

This new space counts with the collaboration of Isi, Iria Piñeiro, Alicia Burton and Pepo Suevos. The public is an importante piece on this format, they´ll live a participativ experience full of surprises, humor and the opportunity to win a car at the end of the season.

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