A Miña Famosa Familia


Format: Entertainment Program.

Genre: Docu-soap.

Runtime: 13 x 50´. Weekly.

Year: 2009

Co-productors: Ficción Producciones y Televisión de Galicia

Direction: Carlos Davila

Screenplay: Xoel Fernández

Composer: Manu Riveiro

Host: Xosé Barato

Broadcast on Televisión de Galicia.

Description: «Mi famosa familia» is a new kind of history based on the genealogy. We´ll see in each program a «normal» citizen makes a travel on his genealogical tree to discover that, surprisely, he´s related to a famous person, who could be historical or contemporary; someone that the guest could never have imagined been a part of his family.

The premise of program is that we´re all related to someone who changed the historic course of our country, it´s just about investigation.

The program makes a travel by the genealogical tree of the guests and shows a new perspective about how we lived, worked and how we had fun on the past, at the same time that we are able to know the biography of the famous person. The mistery of who is the famous relative is reveal on the lasts minutes of the program.