A mariñeira

TITLE: The Sailor Woman

Format: TV Movie.

Genre: Period drama.

Run time: 84´

Year: 2007

Co-producers: Ficción Producciones, Televisión de Galicia, Diagonal Tv and Televisió de Catalunya (TV3)

Director: Antón Dobao

Screenplay: Xabier Cordal and Antón Dobao. (Based on the homonymous short story by Darío Xohán Cabana).

Music: Manuel Riveiro

Cast: Camila Bossa, Monti Castiñeiras, Antonio Durán “Morris”, Roger Casamajor, María Vázquez and Lucía Regueiro

Broadcaster: Televisión de Galicia and Televisió de Catalunya

Synopsis: Through “La Marinera” we are sailing towards the harshest period of the recent historical past of this country: the Civil War and early postwar years. This is a tvmovie that allows us, first, to witness the terrors of 1936 and following and the unfulfilled hopes of so many people at the outbreak of war, so many times treated in history books, facts and misfortunes that we all, directly or indirectly know of. On the other hand, it takes us to a particular series of adventure, love, injustice, guided by the courage of a woman in a Galician fishing town in Carnota. Specifically, in the area of Pindo, in Quilmas, among the landscape of the rose-coloured mountain and the calm sea, we are witnesses of the customs of the period and area.