A casa da Conexa – A invasión de Ardebullo

TITLE: A casa da Conexa – A invasión de Ardebullo
Format: Videogame
Genre: Action, Humor
Year: 2014
Platforms: Android/ IOS
Producer: Ficción Producciones
Description: Based on the television Galician tv show of the same name.
In this adventure, you’ll need to help Mucha and Nucha to save the world from a radioactive plague created by the evil Pepe de Rumbo. After eating the radioactive feed created by this evil archenemy, all the animals of Ardebullo become infected and turn into contagious zombies. Help stopping the plague to spread to the rest of the world by defeating all the infected animals and also the evil Pepe de Rumbo. Mucha and Nucha are waiting for you!
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