A new series to give voice to all the stories of the St. Jaques Way framed in the Xacobeo 2021, which will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.


25th June – Santiago de Compostela – Xunta de Galicia has just presented the first transmedia and international series of the St. Jaques Way, 3Ways, in which it participates. It will be released on the occasion of the Xacobeo 2021 and will be produced by Ficción Producciones.


The series, which will be premiered at the end of 2020, will explore the experiences of several young people who connect on the St. Jaques Way, and how they develop together. In this way, the series echoes the thousands of stories that happen and have happened on the Way over the years. For this reason, the Way and all its scenarios become another main character in this fiction.


Five people from different countries meet thanks to the Way and begin a common story of personal discovery that will end up reencountering them in three moments of their lives: 2001, 2011 and 2021. Moments in which the five protagonists unite again to make a pilgrimage. The audience will witness the development, growth and changes in their lives through flashbacks and flash-fowards. Different moments of five lives that resemble those that pass through the Way, and allows viewers to identify with the stories that occurred.


“We intend to narrate that the Way is an evolution, a way of life that enlarges the traveller inwardly and links him forever to something supernatural, kind and enriching,” says Mamen Quintas from Ficción Producciones.


3Ways will arrive to generalist and regional screens, and will be an international series filmed in all the main characters’ countries of origin, although most of the series will focus on Galicia and the Way, from Saint Jean Pied du Port to Santiago de Compostela, up to Muros. Shooting will take place in six languages: English, German, Korean, French, Spanish and Galician, so it will have a great international diffusion thanks to the participation of the Beta Films Group in charge of broadcasting the series in Germany and France. In other countries, the series will also be premiered exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, with the exception of South Korea, Portugal and Mexico, where there will be a greater presence on other channels.


During the press conference held in Santiago de Compostela the first names of the team that will shape the series were announced, including Norberto López Amado who will be the director of the series. The soundtrack will be made by the Galician Iván Ferreiro and Manu Riveiro. It will be completed with a mostly Galician technical team who will be responsible for the production of the series. While a great international, national and Galician cast will give life to the characters.