3 Caminos Presentation

Last January took place the presentation, in the city of Santiago de Compostela 3 Caminos, the production of Ficcion Producciones, along with Cinemate and Betta Films, in addition to the sponsorship of the Xunta de Galicia and the collaboration of the Governments of: Navarra, La Rioja, and Junta of Castilla y Leon. The series is currently available on Prime Video and has premiered in 190 countries. This presentation was a clear challenge for Ficción Producciones, but at all times they were clear that the presentation of the series had to be in the city of Santiago de Compostela, where the project ends and the journey of each pilgrim. For the producer, the challenge of reflecting the Camino de Santiago was a very enriching journey professionally and, despite the difficulties along the way, including stopping filming due to the health emergency, the final product met the needs of the -producers and collaborators such as Xunta de Galicia. The presentation took place on January 19 in the City of Culture and was attended by the media, institutions and colleagues in the audiovisual sector. This event was attended by the main institutional representatives who participated in the production of the series: Alberto Nuñez Feijóo, President of the Xunta de Galicia, Xosé Antonio Sánchez Bugallo, Mayor of Santiago de Compostela, Manu Ayerdi, Minister of Economic and Business Development of the Government of Navarre, Gumersindo Bueno Benito, general director of Cultural Heritage of the Junta de Castilla y León and Fernando Rodríguez Ojea, content director of the CRTVG. During the event, the singer-songwriter Fredi Leis enlivened the evening with two musical themes at the beginning and end of the event, the master of ceremonies Mamen Quintas, CEO of Ficcion Producciones and executive producer of the series, gave way to different personalities involved in the project to contribute their vision and comments, among them Tito López Amado, director of the series, Alex González, main actor of the series or Alberto Núñez Feijoo president of the Xunta. The event ended with the performance of Fredi Leis from his song “Santiago”, which is part of the soundtrack of the series.


The official presentation to the media of the series continued on January 20 with a telematic press conference to which were connected more than 70 specialized and generic media. It was attended by the protagonists of the series along with the director, as well as different personalities representing the institutions. This event was presented by Luis Zahera, who served as master of ceremonies and as a liaison between the media and the protagonists of the event. The reception of the project by the media was very good and the main communication objectives were achieved successfully. The Camino de Santiago has positioned itself as one of the most attractive tourist destinations on the international scene; 70% of the series ’comments were positive. For all this, Fiction Productions would like to highlight its satisfaction with this incredible professional challenge and would like to thank each of the people who were involved in the project from its germ until its release in January 2021, without them all this dream would never have been possible. Seeing the series finished, despite the difficulties, and the affection it is receiving from the public and critics is the best reward after years of hard work and tireless determination of its producers Mamen Quintas, Julio Casal and all the team around them and makes them, a large family.